Helping the Environment and Helping the Museum

We are currently participating in two amazing programs hosted by Rockland Hannaford.


Is a Hannaford bottle redemption program. Through this program you are able to "1. Recycle your containers. 2. Help the environment. 3. Make change for our museum!"

This program is as simple as stopping by to pick up a tagged bag from the museum, putting your bottles in it, going to Hannaford's clink trailer, scanning the bag tag, and dropping your bottles off! Clynk then counts the bottles for us and deposits the funds in our account.

Hannaford Helps Community Bags

Is a reusable bag program that donates $1 of every bag sold to a different charity every month! During August, the Coastal Children's Museum will be the featured charity.

Help protect the environment by not using paper or plastic, and help the Coastal Children's Museum in the process. Just ask to purchase a community bag at the Rockland Hannaford. If you are not local, you can purchase one of these bags from any Hannaford location, and register the blue tag that is attached to the bag.

We appreciate all you do for us and for our community!

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