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Private Event Booking

Why should I book a private event at the Coastal Children's Museum?

With our private group visits,
You get to have the whole museum to yourselves while you play!  This is perfect for field trips, play therapy, home school groups, or being able to play with people in your "pod" without worrying about staying socially distant from others.

This is so we can insure that they museum is not available to the general public during your session.  Please contact us with any questions.

Private Play Sessions

These sessions are available to be booked in advance, so we can be sure that you are the only people in the museum.  These sessions are booked in by the time and available for up to 15 people (if you would like to request a larger group please contact us).

Go to the blue button on the very bottom of the page to contact us and book your session!


Private Session


*If you need your session to be over 15 people the price may vary.

Field Trips

When you have a field trip at the Coastal Children's Museum, you are opening up a new way for your students to discover the world around them. Our field trip packages are designed around teaching children about the science of living on the Maine coast. While here, you will have private use of the Museum, which will allow your students to learn about the wonders of Rockland, Maine!

field trip packages are designed with the Maine Science and Engineering Starts in mind. However, we are also open to working with you on the theme of your trip! If you are learning about something specific, we are happy to work with you to design your time here around that concept. We can also allow you to use our facility without pre-designed programs, if that is what you wish.

Gulf of Maine
Marine Life

Maine Land forms

Light and Reflections

Featuring our Gulf of Maine touch tank, this package will teach your students all about the animals that live in our bays!

Featuring our augmented reality sandbox, this package helps students explore how weather on the coast effects our land formations!

This package allows students to experiment with light and reflections, and they will learn about how light houses in Maine use the properties of light!

Pricing for field trips vary by group size. Please contact us. 

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